Academic Immersion In Healthcare

Who We Are

We are a group of motivated youth who dream of a better world. We are willing to relentlessly dedicate our time and energy for that vision to become reality. We are result-driven. We are Academic Immersion in Healthcare.

Together we spark interest and advance the presence of underrepresented populations in future generations of healthcare professionals, by providing equal access to health science programs for every student, irrespective of socioeconomic factors.

Our Values

What Drives Us



We firmly honour cultural and socioeconomic diversity.



We openly welcome challenges to incrementally refine our strategies and learn from our mistakes to help reshape healthcare.



We strive to spark interest and promote change.



We carefully measure our success through the impact we have on the community.

The Problem: Underrepresentation Of Low SES Students

  • Less than 6% of medical students in Canada are from low SES neighborhoods
    • Students from low socioeconomic backgrounds and rural regions are staggeringly underrepresented in the medical field.
    • The healthcare system needs more individuals from low SES and rural regions. It is important that students are introduced to healthcare early on so that they are well prepared for a career in healthcare. Their passion and dedication is critical to ensure a diverse and equal healthcare system that takes care of the lives of our families and friends across the nation.

Source: Dhalla, I. A., et al. (2002). Characteristics of first-year students in Canadian medical schools. Cmaj, 166(8), 1029-1035.

The Solution:


Teaming Together

Our Pride

What's Been Done So Far

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The Team Making It Happen

By McGill Leaders With a Passion and Love for Healthcare